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Everyone wanting a dog probably has a good reason for wanting one. Whether it’s for the kids, companionship, a work out partner, or just a best friend, looking for the perfect dog has always been hard. The option to adopt is increasing in popularity every year, it’s a sure sign that saving our furry friends has considerable benefits. Here are some reasons why adoption may just be the answer to some of the questions you have about getting your perfect dog.

1. You can find your perfect match

There is no need for a guessing game in the purchase of your new family member. Researching breeds and temperaments is great n’all, but sometimes it can just be pot luck. Why not avoid the unknown and adopt your pet from a listed, reliable rescue organisation. They will not only have been health-checked, they’ll also have  been assessed for temperament, basic manners and toilet training. Rescue organisations will be able to help you find the perfect dog for your family and lifestyle.

Weimaraner puppy looking up at camera

2. You’re not starting from the beginning

The idea of buying a new dog for your family usually comes with the fantasy of a brand new puppy, one you can raise and watch grow into the perfect family addition. We often forget that when you buy a puppy, you’re essentially bringing an infant into your home – a completely untrained, unsocialised little friend who needs guidance, training and lots of company – he’s a baby after all. He thinks every surface in your home is an excellent substitute for grass when it’s time to go. Every item at his eye level is a scrumptious toy he needs to chew, and, if you leave him alone he will most definitely cry because he doesn’t know when you will be back. Most rescue dogs have been house dogs in the past. They come to you with at least some basic manners and are usually toilet trained, all the hard work has been done for you (hallelujah!) An adopted older dog is likely to be happy and chilled being home alone – compared to an attention-seeking playful puppy.

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3. What you see is what you get

When you buy a puppy, you can never really be sure what type of adult dog you’re going to end up with. You can do all the research you like on the different breeds of dogs before you bring home your puppy, but their adult personalities aren’t really visible until they’re about two years old. So, you don’t know whether you’re getting a dog who wants to play ALL the time or a lazy couch potato.

When you adopt a rescue dog, the rescue organisation holds more concern for whether YOU are the right fit for the dog as they want to see him go to his forever home. So you already know what the dog’s personality is like and whether it fits your idea of the ideal companion. From day one you know whether there are any problem areas you’ll need to address as the new owners. The same can be said of cats and kittens.

German Shepard lying on couch asleep

4. It’ll cost you less

Who doesn’t like the sound of that? Buying a dog from a pet store (thumbs down) or even a registered breeder can be costly. When you adopt a dog, the cost of the adoption fee is not only a lot cheaper, their first vaccinations, worming and sometimes microchipping and de sexing are included as well. This can save you a lot on upfront costs when bringing your furry friend home. That means you will have more time to enjoy them and build that unbreakable bond. Which brings us to the next point.

Two white puppies sitting in a basket

5. The way they will thank you

Not only will you feel great about helping a dog in need but boy will they love you for it. Animal shelters and rescue groups are overflowing with happy, healthy pets just waiting for someone to give them a home. Most shelter pets ended up there no fault of their own, the biggest reason usually being their humans having to move and no longer being able to care for them. An adult dog that has been left by a loving family is typically eager to become a part of another loving pack and will bond with their new family as soon as they feel safe and secure. So when you bring home that furry friend, expect to be covered in kisses.

Golden Retriever smiling at the camera

6. It teaches your kids empathy

Adopting a rescue dog not only changes the life of the dog but also has the benefit of teaching your children how rewarding it feels to give love and hope to someone in need.  It also creates a sense of closeness and a stronger family bond. A recent survey found that families reported being happier after they had adopted a dog.

Dog resting his head on a baby

In conclusion it is clear, adopting your new furry family member has it’s many benefits. Purchasing a pet at any point, whether a puppy or adopting an older dog is a decision not to be taken lightly. There are still many factors to consider before making the decision to commit to the responsibbility. Some quick points to ask yourself before making that decision:

  • If you travel a lot and work long hours, it’s probably not the best time to adopt as your new friend will need a lot of your time and attention to begin feeling secure and apart of your pack.
  • Does your land lord allow dogs?
  • Are you too busy to put in the time to care for your four legged friend?
  • Are you prepared for the financial responsibilities year in and year out that come with having a pet? For example, food, pet supplies, grooming, and veterinary bills – it can easily add up to thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the pet.

If you’re planning a major lifestyle change, put your dog adoption plans on hold until you have a more secure future.

If you have thought, it through and considered all the factors that come with making yourself an honorary dog owner and feel it’s still the right time, then welcome to the pawsome club!

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