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king charles spaniel sitting on the beach

Everybody knows that when you have your first child you always get roped into having your first family photoshoot. The same thing happens to everyone; you intend on only buying a few to frame but quickly get sucked into spending thousands on almost identical shots. Like with my first child, I was determined to get professional photos of my first dog. After all, in my eyes, he was my first child – of the furry kind – and I wanted to capture and treasure that first year and all the changes puppyhood brought. If you are like me and you know you are going to have to spend the money because you MUST have those photos, then why not get them done by the best pet photographers in your city!

pug looking at camera face on floor

I have listed a few that I have found online to have quite good reviews so feel free to check them out for yourself! Please leave a comment on our article if you have used one of these companies to get some fluffy photos and had a review you could share with the rest of us! You’re welcome to add any awesome businesses that may have been missed.





It’s the perfect time of year to get that fluffy friend of yours framed for your wall or even for personalised Christmas Cards. Also a wonderful gift idea for all your friends who have furry children. Happy snapping!

french bulldog with santa hat in background

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