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Fostering Great Danes

A few months ago I lost my big beautiful Great Dane, Diesel, he was only 10 years old. I have had these gorgeous breed dogs for over 20 years, so I know that their life span isn’t that long, but the time spent with them is so special that I wouldn’t think of having another breed.

I also have his daughter, so I decided that she needed to have a companion, as Danes are very sociable, so, unless you’re prepared to have one under your feet 24/7, they need to have another playmate. Instead of looking for a breeder, I decided to become a Foster carer of Great Danes, to potentially adopt when the right one comes along.

It has been a rewarding experience, I have met some truly dedicated people trying to ensure all the Danes coming into the Adoptadane Association will go to their ‘ furever’ home. I’ve also had some beautiful Danes staying with me until they move on to their permanent home.

There have been some sad stories as well as remarkable ones, heartwarming moments too, when a dog you have never met before comes up to you, nearly looks you directly in the eye! and just begs for an ear rub or a cuddle, and, of course you don’t refuse. You really can’t, not just because they are too big to argue with, but because they pull at your heart strings the very first time you meet them. They are so loving and gentle, they love being around people and will lean on you just to remind you “Hey, I’m here and I love you so give me some love back”

Currently, I have Hudson who came to us from the pound in Mackay, as he was 48 hours away from being euthanized, but the staff contacted Adoptadane and he was heading down to us on the first available transport. He has a beautiful, gentle temperament and within 5 minutes of arriving at our home he was resting his head against me for a scratch. My Husband and I have slightly fallen in love with him!

I love being a Foster carer for these beautiful dogs, but unfortunately there are not enough of us as Danes are being surrendered all the time, especially at this time of the year, so we are always looking for new families who would like to Foster, so if you think your heart can be filled with a bit more love why don’t you become a Foster carer?