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Doggy Winery Cinema Evening

puppy being cuddled in a blanket in someones lap

Valentines Day has come and gone and if you were alone this Valentines Day then we have the perfect date night organised for you and your furry plus one. Don’t miss out on treating yourself and your ever faithful, canine companion to dinner, wine and a movie. Thanks to Gourmet Pawprints for another one of their awesome pawfect experiences.

Witchmount Winery is only 25 minutes from Melbourne, where this dog friendly date is to take place. Don’t forget to pack a blanket or chair and your fluffy plus one. The caring team will be on hand throughout the night, helping you to settle in to your comfy patch of grass, hold a lead or maybe just take your pooch for a 5 minute walk while you sit back and relax!

For more information on Booking Tickets, Getting Ready, Inclusions and Important information head on over to Doggy Winery Cinema

DATE: Sat 3 March 2018 – bookings open now

TIME: 6:00pm – Approx 10:30pm

PRICE: Adults $99 andĀ Dogs $5

All dog ticket sales will be donated to Guide Dogs Victoria

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