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As a young girl, growing up, my friends and I spent endless sleepovers dreaming and planning what we were going to call our future children before having any idea about boys. There are even unspoken “girl code” rules in regards to who, out of your girlfriends will have children first and which names they are strictly forbidden to use. I’m assuming the same may be said for the naming of your fur child. At least with your animal babies you have the freedom to be creative and extravagant. You can name your dog based on things you like, like your favourite cartoon character, Games of Thrones actor, favourite place or flower. The skies the limit when it comes to naming your fur baby and in most cases it’s a fight to compete over who has the most outrageous name!

french bulldog with his tongue out looking at camera

Some things you may want to consider before naming your little friend (the canine kind):

  • You should choose names with two syllables such as Dexter, Milo, Harry. In doing so you are keeping it simple for the dafter breeds like your Great Danes to differentiate between their name and a common one syllable command such as sit, stay, no.
  • Remember you will have to call out the dogs’ name across a park or in the back garden so keeping this in mind don’t make it embarrassing and uncomfortable for all involved – including the dog.

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Below is a list of the top ten popular dogs’ names according to The Guardian, so if you are looking to be creative and have your pup stand out in the pack then steer clear of these names.

  1.  Bella
  2.  Buddy
  3.  Charlie
  4.   Max
  5.  Ruby
  6.  Missy
  7.  Molly
  8.  Diesel
  9.  Jack
  10.  Bear

There’s always the option to wait a few weeks until your puppy grows into their personality before choosing the perfect name. You don’t want to call him Mr Bubbles when his personality screams Rukus!

Frech bulldog up near camera on two feet

Happy name picking!!

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